Noriyaro Has Better Titles Than Me: Winton 19/6

No point denying it. Has better content too, I guess. But anyway here’s some photos from Winton. I didn’t take all that many, but there were a handful I was happy enough with.

It is a measure of how well “grassroots” drift is going in Australia at the moment, and how far VicDrift has come in the last couple of years, that there were  plenty of interstate entries on the weekend. This is Ben Purtell from Tasmania.

Continuing the interstate theme, Josh Coote in Australia’s best looking 180SX.

My first time seeing Pinky’s new S14. He’s the previous owner of my Sil!


The Primal car developed a nasty habit of devouring its own body parts. And turbo seals.

Still baked hard though.

Nigel’s new look. Not 100% sure on it to be honest. Probably looks better in the flesh than it does in photos.

Later in the week I’ll update you on my Silvia progress, including what I bought at Winton!

5 thoughts on “Noriyaro Has Better Titles Than Me: Winton 19/6

  1. hey man nice pics as usual…just wondering if you have any pics of my mates car?

    red s14 with AM Performance stickers on the side. car number 1

    cheers dude

    keep it up

  2. Just stumbled accross your blog now Tim. Great photo’s, cant believe how far the Sil has come, looks great!

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