Car Feature: Pro Staff R-Magic FD3S

I’ve been meaning to run this feature for a while now but life keeps getting in the way. I was lucky enough to get some time up close and personal with the R-Magic car at World Time Attack last month. To say that it is the best car I’ve ever seen is an understatement. It is just perfect. Words can’t do it justice, but hopefully my photos can…

Note the new TE37 SLs…

Yep, bolt on spacers! Guess they aren’t as dangerous or detrimental to performance as boring people would have you believe.  Guess they can actually improve handling. Let’s hope this kills the whole “spacers are evil” thing once and for all…

This photo proves that it’s fast. And autographed.

I don’t like to call cars “perfect” too often. It is usually just empty hyperbole. It isn’t here. This car is perfect.

Still pissed I didn’t steal an Advan banner.

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