Project Silvia: Finally An Update!

It has been a while! To be honest I haven’t done enough lately. Too cold to get out into the shed at night, and I’m waiting for a 36mm socket anyway so I can take my rear hub assembly apart. But I’ve done a few things:

I’m re-carpeting the car with black, and I thought with that in mind the old grey carpet in the boot would look a little out of place.  So I made a new one! I also retrimmed the bootlid.

Last week I finally got my headlight reflectors back from the chromer. Here’s the headlights all assembled with their new lenses, ready to go in.

Wheeltech were at Winton selling tyres at great prices. I thought it was important to support a company who are offering that service to drifters, so towards the end of the day when it was clear no one was going to need them, I snapped up a pair of Federal 225/40s. Had them fitted up today by Stamford Tyres – if you are in the Ballarat area and need anything to do with tyres use these guys. They’re champions.

225/40 on a 10j. Times like these I wish I was still on ozvr4. 🙂

Just finally a couple of pics of the car…

I’m a little bit in love with that pic.

Tomorrow I hope to get the exhaust on and the radiator and oil cooler installed.

4 thoughts on “Project Silvia: Finally An Update!

  1. Hey Grimes, Dominic here. Loving the updates on the silvia, looking really good.
    If you need a 36mm socket, i have one you can borrow. I use it on my bike for the headnut, so its here if you want it. Let me know if you are interested.

    1. Oh sweet, I’ll ask a dude at work on Monday if he has one but if he doesn’t I’ll give you a yell. Thanks man.

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