Project Silvia: It’s Home. With an Instant Gentleman Kit.

Home again with no problems. I hate trailering my car – always think it is going to go horribly wrong somehow. But it didn’t so here we are.

Please ignore the wheels. And the ride height. And the bonnet and the lack of lights. And the cutting compound residue everywhere.

The front bumper is definitely “love it or hate it”. I love it.

Needs 5 stud. NOW. Kit looks so good in profile though.

I’m really loving these spoilers too. Totally changed the rear of the car. Sort of looks more finished now. Or something.

Back at Garage Dusty.

And there’s the obligatory “weird lighting” photo.

Plenty to do now. In the next couple of days I’ll start by removing the carpet in readiness for the new interior going in. Hopefully this weekend will see a start on dropping the engine back in and also doing the 5 stud conversion. And I have to decide on whether I go with twin 3 inch tips or a 4 inch cannon. Feel free to comment with your vote on that one!

2 thoughts on “Project Silvia: It’s Home. With an Instant Gentleman Kit.

  1. twin 3’s with out a doubt, but not some dodgey mild steel, get some decent tips!

    looks good man, its gonna be amazing when all completed

    (needs moar LS2 V8 though) 😛 hahaha

    1. Will have to contact xforce and get the measurements of the twin tip Varex, see if I can chop the tips off & weld new ones on. And don’t worry, polished stainless all the way.

      Not so hot on the LS2 idea though. Lol.

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