Project Silvia: Paint! And a Little Bonus.

As promised. Sorry I’m an extra day late, but I went to see Fireworks (the band, not the colourful explody things) last night. Fun show, by the way – if you ever get the chance you should check them out.

Anyway, you’re not here to get me to fix your taste in music. You’re here (I hope) to see pictures of my Silvia slowly coming to life. So here ya go, kids.

That’s straight off the gun, an hour or so after it was painted. Stewart’s a clever lad hey?


So to the bonus bit… I also kinda snuck in to the shop for a quick bonus look at the car today. Couldn’t wait til Monday (which is when it is coming home).

That fit is about as close to perfect as you can get. And when you consider how bad the skirts were before they were modified you start to see how impressive the workmanship is.

Kinda like mud wrestling. Utterly filthy but still sexy. The photos actually make it look cleaner than it is!

So happy with how the D-Max spoilers look. Better than I hoped for. I think they somehow make the car look lower. Usually spoilers make a car look higher, so all I can say is they must be made of some crazy Japanese magic dust or something.

Like I said, car comes back Monday. Looking forward to it a fair bit, to be honest.

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