Bizarre: RB26 VZ Commodore in Singapore

This is the first and last time you’ll see a Commodore on this blog. But this was too good to pass up:

I’m pretty sure Holden people would hate this. Just as well they don’t visit me. This guy (Fanga Dan from New Zealand) worked out how to fix a Commodore. Firstly, you give it decent rims (this is already getting a bit foreign for Holden people). Secondly, you slam it on something other than chopped King Superlows. Thirdly, you throw the stock 6 or 8 or whatever piece of junk it came with in the bin and fit an RB26!


Pulled the carpet out of the Silvia tonight. Not looking forward to putting new carpet in it. Don’t want to take the dash out but think I might have to…

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