Toyota Love: AEs & KEs @ All Japan Day

I thought I’d kick off my specific features with some Toyotas:

OK I know I didn’t have Cressidas in the title but that shot is cool.

Buddyparts 86 is nice.

4AGTE conversion.

The best thing about a lot of the KE70/AE71 guys is their obvious sense of humour. You can tell that the cars are just meant to be fun and that the don’t take them too seriously. Kind of a Japanese spirit I guess. This car was a great example.

Hacked louvre as roof spoiler, fake grass parcel shelf, ridiculous exhaust, and:

Best use of a sticker ever.

I loved this…

Quad headlight conversion, fender mirrors, JAF badge… Authentic.

Really, really cool for some reason.

This was cool too. I’ll be honest and say I don’t know much about this car but I know it is rare as poo, and Advan Onis are awesome.

Awesome sticker easily justifies the $7,000 asking price.

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