Project Silvia: Delays, Purchases, and, um, Painting Stuff

All has been a bit quiet on the Silvia front lately, so I thought I’d bring you up to speed. Unfortunately I can’t get the car in for bodykit fitting til the 29th, so things have slowed down. I’m still gathering parts and doing bits and pieces though. Here’s what I’ve been working on over the last couple of days:

White rocker cover! Will match the white brakes and white interior bits. And the white bonnet. What? Nothing.

Also this weekend, I kinda bought a seat. I know I already had a seat, but this one matches the rest of my interior better. I felt like the previous one was going to let the interior down so I bought this instead!

Sexy hey? I also tried to assemble all my new exhaust bits today but failed at having the right bolts. So I’ll do it another day.

From here, next thing is to get the kit fitted. Then the car comes home and I’ll throw the engine back in, do the hubs and brakes and trial fit the wheels. Then it is off to get the new body bits painted, then home again for interior and finishing touches.

It is coming along…

This week I’m going to run some car features taken from my All Japan Day photos. Hope you enjoy!

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