Car Feature: Paul’s S14

You may remember this car from my “Part 1” post. As it was easily one of the best looking cars at the show (and fun to photograph), I thought it deserved a more detailed run.

Getting an S14 right is a simple formula. Navan aero, clear lights, lots of low and tough rims is all this car needed. (Getting an S14a right is harder – you have to swap fronts….)

Rims are brilliantly obscure Work Bersagillos in appropriately aggressive sizes. Nice to see someone else with a love for obscure dished Works! Extra props for the Hellaflush stickers. I need me some of them!

My favourite thing about this car was the little touches that made it stand out.

The interior mixes businesslike and cool very well. Touches like the Bride gearboot and console lid are things I’m looking to do on my Sil.

“I Get Rad” indeed. I don’t know what it is about that exhaust, either, but I love it. Nothing really “out there”, but cool.

Great car. Hope you like.

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