Epic, Epic Fail: Motorvate Melbourne Car Show

I’m not sure why I expected anything decent from a show that was largely about getting a drag strip in Melbourne. In hindsight, it really was just the perfect end to a week that saw AC/DC play a bunch of shows in Melbourne – bogan overload. There were 600 cars on display and literally ONE good one. Nigel’s Silvia:

To me, the car is just a little bit too perfect to really be inspirational. But it is undeniably a great example. Sorry about the yellow photos – I’m a terrible photographer and I don’t know how to compensate for the weird indoor light.

There were also a bunch of VR4s at the show, but this blog is not about to start glorifying 4X4 ride heights and terribly fitted wheels, so I didn’t take any photos of them…

All in all the show sucked, but hopefully it succeeds in its stated aim and we get our proposed club sprint/drift circuit. Oh, and the drag strip. If they must.

7 thoughts on “Epic, Epic Fail: Motorvate Melbourne Car Show

  1. Hmmm… did you say hi to your VR-4 ex-comrades? You already know Gavin, right? Did you introduce yourself to the Baninator?

  2. Nice….

    The intention of the show was to promote the need for a championship drag racing facility in Victoria. The show was organised and managed by ANDRA representatives and the local Victorian drag clubs.
    Where were you at 5:00am on Saturday morning to help set up? And it was a free car show to enter so the lack of cars to your particular taste was not the fault of the organisers.

    So if you insist on riding on the coat tails of people who are getting on with the job of trying to make things happen for motor sport in Victoria, keep your hegative comments to yourself and let the positive, hard working people help YOU get a place where YOU can enjoy racing.

    Kym Oberauer

    ANDRA Vic / TAS DC Delegate

    Super Gas 2568

    1. Yep, and as I said, in hindsight the fact that it was a drag racing show was always going to mean that, to me, it would end up being kinda boring. I guess I hoped that the fact that you’re proposing a drift circuit would bring out some good cars, but as it turned out the show (and cause) was essentially promoted as a drag racing thing only.

      I wish you all the best because the proposed complex does actually have interesting bits in it. But the drag racing side of things is boring as hell to me.

      At 5:00 am on Saturday morning I was home in bed. I’d make a blog post about it but I don’t have any photos, so it wouldn’t be particularly visually appealing.

      1. So in hind sight how can you justify calling it an epic
        failure if you basically knew what it was about?

        Don’t you think that is a little harsh? Perhaps you could have said…

        Motivate Melbourne doesn’t motivate me…or

        Drag racing is tolerable as long as their hard work gets me what I want…or

        I’m into APATHY (TISM) and drifting so Motivate Melbourne bored me to tears…

        I would consider an EPIC failure something like a plane or train crash rather than your inability to see any benefit of Saturday’s car show and rally.

      2. I’m happy to defend my title based solely on the fact that I was disappointed with the lack variety on offer. If you want to look at it from the perspective of your cause, I think a lack of variety does you a disservice because you’ve lost an opportunity to highlight the various uses your proposed complex could have. Anyone who went along without any detailed prior knowledge would think you’re building a drag strip – nothing more, nothing less. A single-purpose facility has a lot less appeal to the general public (and Government) than a multi-purpose facility. I think that was a misstep. I know you’ll have had a hugely positive response from the drag racing community, but they ain’t the people you have to convince.

        This isn’t just me talking either – friends who also went on the day made very similar comments regarding the appeal (or lack thereof) of the event.

        But anyway, looking forward to All Japan Day on Sunday. That is sure to make up for my disappointment…

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