Project Silvia: Getting Cooler

OK, this’ll be less controversial. I promise not to post opinions in this one…

On Saturday, aside from going to the car show and checking out the progress of my car at Primal (engine bay has been painted, by the way, and it should all be finished pretty soon) I went and picked up a new intercooler! Some of you may remember the old one from the previous Garage Dusty banner. It was one of the worst coolers I’ve ever seen. So I thought for the rebuild I should do it properly:

The new cooler is a Trust GReddy Spec-M. It is used, but has only done around 2,000 kms so it is basically brand new.

While it is still a budget cooler, the quality looks really nice.

This week there’s a few car things on: I’ll get a quote on retrimming my interior pieces, will probably get tyres fitted up to my rear wheels and, on Sunday, will be getting plenty of shots from the All Japan Day show in Glenelg, South Australia. Keep an eye on the blog for plenty of updates covering those things and more over the next two weeks.

See – no opinions at all!

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