Project Silvia: White Brakes!

2 posts in a day! See what spare time does to people?

I’m fitting R33 GTS-t brakes to the car. The ones I bought looked, to put it mildly, horrible. They had been painted red, and the red was starting to fall off. Paint that would have looked sort of lame when it was first applied looks straight terrible when it starts to chip off. So I had to do something about it. I thought about doing them black, but then realised that light coloured calipers would look good reflected against the dish in my wheels. It still had to be a neutral colour, and silver would have been boring and out of place, so I went with white.

You can see what I was working with…

Here’s how the rears will look behind the rims. Ignore the blue – I’ll repaint that black. Blue rotors and red calipers. No wonder the previous owner of these brakes crashed.

Mission accomplished with the reflection. I think the white works well with the chrome.

And here’s the finished front caliper. Still a little rough, but plenty good enough for a first go. I think they’ll look great, and hopefully be another little touch that makes the car stand out.

By the way if you want to do this yourself don’t go looking for white brake paint. You can’t get it. Use white engine enamel and then clear brake paint.

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