A Change of Pace: Vanning

First day of 2 weeks off work. Hurrah. I’m off to pick up another part for the Silvia tomorrow and also check out a bit of a car show (visit the blog in a couple of days for some coverage of that one) but in the meantime I thought I’d change the theme a bit and throw up some VIP Honda Odysseys & Toyota Estimas for you to enjoy. So….enjoy!

Green Odyssey. Looks kinda SoCal circa 2002, but still works for some reason.

The jury’s out on this one. Interesting though.

Older shape, but still aggressive as hell.

So much win in this photo.

You can’t get more dead-on fitment than that.

The wheels on this one used to be black. I personally love the orange.

And finally, probably the most perfect Odyssey I’ve ever seen. It just oozes aggression. Take a look at the brakes reflected in the rims!

3 thoughts on “A Change of Pace: Vanning

  1. If you put the front bar and grill from the black Odyssey onto the pink one (and paint it the pink colour of course), I’ll have it!!!

    1. Haha I can see that working! I’d be more than happy to organise the building of an Odyssey for you. You’re kinda going to have to fund it though.

  2. No, me funding it is not an option……you’ll have to take care of that side of things too. Thanks in advance! 🙂

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