Project Silvia: JDM, Yo.

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

So to my other recent purchases. Not necessities by any means, but the little toys you accumulate along the way are the most fun. They are also the things that make a car stand out. On Saturday I picked up 2 small but important pieces of the puzzle – some red & black chequered floor mats and a pair of 2UP clear headlight covers, both direct from Japan.

I’m starting to worry about how boring my room is going to look once this car is built…

Thought I’d spare you the box opening pics this time. Needed to work a box in there somehow though, just in case that guy from the box factory on the Simpsons visits the blog.

These lenses are going to completely change the look of the front of the car. Can’t wait.

I’ve been working hard over the last couple of days on the R33 calipers I’m going to be fitting to the car – more on that in the next couple of days!

  1. those floor mats are the sheit! Is there a site you bought these from? where can I get me some? and how much are they shipped??

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