Project Silvia: Progress…

A couple of big news stories from yesterday, but I’ll separate them into 2 posts because it seems logical to do so. Firstly, I thought it was time to provide an update on how the actual car is coming along so I dropped in to Primal Garage for a look.

The new pieces have been welded in and the car is now 100% straight. Helpfully, the pieces are colour coded at the moment! Red = New. Black = Old.

Here you can see where the new meets the old. You can also see what else I’ve been getting done.

The front has been pretty comprehensively stitch welded. It wasn’t something I had been planning to do, but when it was suggested to me I jumped at the idea. A little more piece of mind – I know that it’ll be as strong and rigid as I’ll ever need now.

Above is the car as a whole, circa February 13, 2010.

My condolences go to the red 180SX that gave its life so that mine could be reborn… A great advertisment for organ donation though, don’t you think?

Next step is to get the engine bay painted up, which will no doubt happen this week. I’ll update you with more pics as soon as I get them!

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