Project Silvia: Some Big Arrivals

Well I promised exciting, so exciting it is. To me anyway. Coming home and seeing this is pretty cool:

What is cooler, though, is opening up the cardboard box to see the awesomeness inside:

And there you go. SuperMade Instant Gentleman aero. (Note the GP Sports G4 bumper in the background looking on with envy)

Something to be aware of if you buy a SuperMade kit is that they get quite jealous. Not content with being the awesomest thing you own, they set out to destroy everything around them. Here you can see the rear bumper attempting to eat my heater. There’s only one way to subdue this behavior:

That’s right. Smother it with nice, newly arrived, red Bride trim. Mission accomplished, then.

Nice huh?

Picking up more awesomeness tomorrow… I’ll post again on Sunday. Til then, kids.

2 thoughts on “Project Silvia: Some Big Arrivals

    1. Thanks man! The car in the shed is actually a GC Galant. Not sure what I’m going to do with that yet… One major project at a time I think!

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