Obscure: Car Modify Wonder S13

And I thought I’d seen all the world had to offer in the way of S13s. Somehow this kit had passed me by! Made by 4-door specialist Car Modify Wonder and very different from what is usually floating around, I actually think this looks stunning! Big big fan.

Nice fitment on the XSAs (I think).

By the way, starting Monday I’m changing gears for a week or so and counting down my top 10 records of the year. I’ll sprinkle car content in here & there but for the next little while music will be the focus. Hope you enjoy.

One thought on “Obscure: Car Modify Wonder S13

  1. Agreed, since this ol’ gal is nudging on to 20 years old now but there’s just something “classic” about the folded/stamped lines of 1990s JDM body design.

    The interesting vaned-flourishes on the sideskirts is a nice touch and IMHO better than the faux vents seen on other kits.

    But then it’s the whole package. Nice selection of wheels/pumped guards, paint and the like compliment each other.

    Great find 🙂

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