Hello, I’m Back: Team4G Mitsubishi Cruise

It’s been a long, long time. But I’m back and so is the blog. To get things started, here’s some pics of what I got up to on the weekend. A good turnout of about 30 cars, and some amazing roads, made it a pretty decent day. I was happy with the way the Galant performed through the twisties considering my tyre, brake and talent situation. Looking forward to next time. Here’s some photos:

Super cool setting huh? Apologies for the suckiness of the lighting. It gets slightly better if you view it in full size.

See the family resemblance?

Cool Evo 5 is cool. Sucky lighting was intentional here, and kinda worked OK I think. Maybe not. Ugh, I dunno. Feel free to not click on it if you think the pic sucks.

I’m kind of a big fan. I should paint the Galant that colour…

4 thoughts on “Hello, I’m Back: Team4G Mitsubishi Cruise

  1. Good to have you writing again!

    Read a number of entries already… still digging through. The cruise was a lot of fun and has to be done again sometime soon.


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