Military Strength: Hardcore S15

OK so I left my album reviews at work. That’ll start tomorrow, then. In their place, here’s a crazy Japanese S15. I’m sorry, I really don’t know much about this car. All I know is that it looks like nothing I’ve ever seen. And it has one hell of an engine/turbo combination. Enjoy.

I’m convinced there’s something magic in the water in Japan. If anyone in Australia, the USA etc said to you “I’m going to build an S15 with an RB26 and a big single. And I’m going to paint it matt khaki and give it a military theme!” you’d punch them in the face and take all their money to prevent such a monstrosity from being forced upon the world. But just look at this thing. Somehow, it works brilliantly.

People from (H)PI – why aren’t you featuring cars like this instead of rubbish Australian cars built by workshops who paid you to feature their car?

3 thoughts on “Military Strength: Hardcore S15

  1. F-OATH!

    thats absolutly awesome. who’d think a uras bar could look so good and not cheap. has it got regamasters??

    tailights let it down tho

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