Trials, Tribulations and an R35 GTR Safety Car

Who would have thought coming back from Adelaide would take 2 freakin’ days? So here’s the story:

Flew back from Adelaide, got to Tulla at 4pm. Went to the V/Line counter at Spencer Street after a ($16!!) bus ride back to town. Found that the last train to Ballarat is now 9:55 instead of 10:08. This was a problem. Walked around town a bit, had some canneloni at La Porchetta (I had been looking forward to that for days), then headed down to the game (via an internet cafe and a tram stop, trying to work out how the hell I can get back to Spencer Street in time for the train). Had a running battle with a Magic, sorry Titans, sorry Dragons (hard to keep up, you know) fan at the game. For a fat bald 50-something man with a growth on his face, he sure had a loud mouth. I’ll see ya when we win the series in 5 games “mate” – I know where you sit. Left the game at about 9:40 when it became obvious we were going to lose. Ran to the tram. Caught the tram, eventually found that it didn’t travel up Spencer Street. Got off the tram at the Spencer Street intersection and ran up the hill to the station. Got there at 9:56. Of course, the train left on time. Caught a train out to my Grandparents’ place in Mentone so I could stay the night there. Caught the train back in the morning, but bought the wrong ticket wheich caused a 15 minute delay. Got to the station and after a battle with an unhelpful attendant, I went to another counter and had my unused ticket swapped over so I could get home. Unfortunately I had missed the train by about 5 mins, so the next one was the 1:08 (2 hour wait). Caught that, got to Ballarat, went looking for a bus to Creswick so I could pick up my car. It was 2:30, and the next bus was the 3:40. Ugh. Eventually caught that, walked to my Mum’s house, finally sat down and had something to eat. Went to start my car to drive home – no electricity in it. Drove Mum’s car home, picked up my battery charger, charged the battery for 2 hours and finally got home about 10:30 – nearly 24 hours late.

*deep breath*

So that was my odyssey. Quite the crappy way to finish my holiday, but it happens I guess. To me, usually.

On my way to the game I walked through Federation Square. V8 Supercars had just staged their season launch. They had around 7 or 8 V8 Supercars on display (they have terrible wheel fitment, by the way – I guess they’re trying to look like the Falcodores that their fans drive) and the new safety car for the series – the R35 GTR! Much to my amusement, there was no one at all looking at any of the fancy fluoro race cars, and a big crowd around the GTR! It was running too, and sounded very sexy… So here’s a couple of mobile phone pics for you – I hadn’t seen the car anywhere before this so I’m going to claim it as a Garage Dusty exclusive. Impressive, huh?

Note the bright pink HRT car in the background. If anyone tries to tell you they’re red, refer them to an eye tester.

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