If I can, and so you can, then I can again. Or something.


I’m famous on the internet.

Just killing some time before I catch my plane, as my bag is really heavy and I got tired carrying it around. So I went to Grant’s blog, and I saw that it is all about me today. He’s obviously looking for ratings too. I think this means that I’m actually taking over the internets, and will probably be featured on E News soon. The piece will be entitled “famous for some reason”. Actually, come to think of it, that should be the title of their show!

Struggling to find a point for this post now, so here’s a picture of a VIP Celsior borrowed from www.ls400.wordpress.com 

I’m getting right back into VIP style lately… If I get my way, the Silvia will be infused with a bit this year.

Back home soon. Til then, kids…

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