Garage Dusty – Failing at Cars Since 1999

Yes, I failed at cars again today. I had this big idea that I’d replace the speakers in my VR4. Can’t be that hard, can it? Well yes, as it turns out. I gave up last week after I couldn’t find a spot for the crossovers, but I worked that out so I thought I might as well have another go. But no, there’s wires that I don’t know what they do and so I gave up again. They are very nice looking speakers though, they are made from kevlar, so I’m sure they’ll make a lovely ornament in my room for the next 6 months until I learn how to install them… I was also going to install a boost gauge too but I’ve been a little put off now. Oh well.

The Tigers won in an epic Game 2 of the Grand Final series last night. Game 3 is tomorry night and I’ll be there. Then, early Monday morning, I’m off on another trip! Where am I going? Well I can’t say too much cos it is the subject of a little bit of a secret, but let’s just say I’m not very inventive with my travel plans.

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