Random thoughts on Adelaide

So I’m just about ready to go home, I leave tomorrow at 2pm. Spent today getting rained on a lot, and going out to some car places. Visited Japanese Motorsport (where I bought some new drift stickers), Viva Garage (where I found the steering wheel I need) and Japanese Import Spares (which is in the most ghetto street/neighbourhood I have ever seen). Another tiring day, maybe due to the fact that the people doing the overnight roadworks out the front decided to have a noise making contest when they were packing up at 5am…

But as I’m finishing my trip, I thought I’d leave you with some random thoughts on Adelaide, in much the same vein as my random thoughts on Soundwave.

  • There seems to be an unusually high number of girls walking around with wings on. Some may put this down to the fact that the Fringe Festival is on, but as I know no better I’m going to say it is just a characteristic of Adelaide. I’m not saying it is necessarily a bad thing – some of my mates from school would have polluted their briches in delight (to paraphrase Monty Burns) if they heard this.
  • Adelaide’s bums aren’t very bright. One asked me for some change “for a bus fare”, then while I was looking to see what I had he complemented me on my bullet necklace saying it would be a good place to hide crack. If you’re going to pretend you don’t want the money for drugs, at least try to maintain the charade until after you’ve got it. Another one the other night when I was out taking photos said to me “hey dickhead – got a smoke?”. Now, call me old fashioned, but I don’t think you’re going to get far with your request when you address the person you’re asking as “dickhead”. Also won’t get far if you ask someone who has never even tried a cigarette, but I guess it would be hard to figure that one out from looking at me.
  • Adelaide people must be fickle. I saw a Port Adelaide jumper in the window of a pawn shop. I know they had a crap season last year, but jeez…
  • Adelaide bus drivers are friendly. They actually say hi.
  • Rundle Mall/Hindley Street is strange. From my motel on Bank Street, if you turn left towards Rundle Mall you have cafes, shops, all nice things. If you turn right into Hindley Street you have about 5 strip clubs, a few 24 hour bars, and, when I arrived on Saturday morning, half the street closed off with crime scene tape after a guy was stabbed 4 times in the throat. I quickly learned not to go that way at night…
  • 24 hour bars are weird. There’s just something strange about seeing people getting pissed at 10am.
  • The guy next to me is checking out really bad porn. Just thought I’d throw that in there.
  • I have never seen so many Police in all my life. Sure, part of that is due to the fact there’s a Police station about 50 metres from my house, but there are a lot. They were all over the place at Soundwave (there were none in Melbourne), and I even saw them pull 2 guys up for jaywalking on their way to the festival! Jaywalking!
  • South Australia must really be the drift state like they keep saying. One of the cop cars near me has an epic pole dent in the door. Drift damage on a cop car!

That’s all I can think of right now. It has been a fun trip! Hopefully the Tigers can cap it off nicely with a win tomorrow night. Getting that ticket in Adelaide was a fair mission too – I don’t think that they realise the NBL has teams other than the 36ers in it…

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts on Adelaide

  1. Great article. Had a few giggles in this one! Adelaide people… proof Tasmainians can swim! Or is it Tasweigens? Whatever.

  2. hahahah cop car with drift damage. LOL nar more like the daily high speed chase along port road aftermath.

    Adelaide is cool most of the time just not hindley street!!

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