Beginnings and Endings

Things have been super quiet around here lately. I thought I should update you on why, and what’s next. Bear with me, it might end up being long.

After Japan I was burnt out. Ebisu was a pretty major bum out and, as it turned out, a turning point. The drift scene and everything around it had run its course for me and I needed to take a bit of a break to reassess where I was with this hobby.

It became apparent that I needed to go in a different direction. I still love the culture, but I think that now I find myself in a different part of it. I’m tired of the way everything has become so competitive. The Sydney scene, especially, with the way groups like “All Stars” hype up the “debut” of cars that are all money and trend and no soul. How everything seems to be aimed at gaining attention and internet fame. 

I’m done with that. It’s a no win. Sure, you can build something that’s the “best”, but it’ll be like that for 5 minutes before someone else comes out with something newer & fresher & trendier and you find yourself being criticised for being “played out”. 

It’s so far away from the essence of what can make the car culture great that it’s almost demoralising.

So it’s time to move on. Soon, my Galant will be up for sale. It’s been an amazing car and I still love it, but it’s time for something new. If you’ve ever looked at the car and thought it’d be nice to own it, stick around because it could be yours just as soon as my new car arrives.

In its place I’ve ordered a brand new 86. It’s a car I’ve followed since the first concept, and recently I kind of realised that I can actually afford to own one. After test driving one I knew it was right, and that was my next car. It’ll be a car I can just drive, no hassles, no stress, just get in and have some fun. It’s also a car that’s been designed with the sort of passion I’m desperate to recapture. I literally can’t wait.

So I’ve put my order down, I’m hoping to get one by May, and now I’m in the parts gathering phase. I have some awesome plans for this car and I hope you guys can stick around and check it out. I’ll be updating the blog as parts arrive so you can share a bit of the excitement. 

It’s a new era, but in a sense we’re just going back to where it all started. Before all the politics and hassles and bullshit. When the car culture was about building something you loved and then driving it as much as possible, not about who was the lowest or who had 300kw or who had the coolest shit. Remember when it was all about the innocent, naive joy of owning and driving your car? When the world was your oyster as soon as you got behind the wheel? That’s what I’m going back to. 

If you feel it, stick around. If you’re more interested in what’s cool or in fashion, check out the rest of the internet… 

4 thoughts on “Beginnings and Endings

  1. It so refreshing to hear of and see someone bucking the trend. I fell in love with the Japanese scene because of it’s individuality and how others are supportive of whatever it is you do, whether it’s to their taste or not. As sad as I am to see how your trip has dissapointed you and made you change your opinions on certain subjects, I’m glad you’ve kept true to why we all started out doing what we do. Don’t ever sell out bro.

    1. Glad you feel it! We can get so far away from the simple love of cars sometimes that you have to stop and reassess. I got into this for exactly the same reason as you did. Staying true is half the battle but also give the greatest rewards.

  2. youre alive tim! was wondering what happened. i agree with you about the “all stars” thing. i dont like it. its too polished. its too ‘official’ and cookie cutter. theres just something about it. im selling my galant soon too. time for something different. something i can drive, something i can fix, something people will say “thats stupid” about, and i wont care. cause its my car to work on and fix as i please. looking forward to your 86 too

    1. Hey brother!

      I stopped going to ozvr4 because I worried it’d make me not want to sell my car… I’ll be back there soon to post the ad. Hoping for a quick sale! You’ll have to send me a link to what you end up building…

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