New Wheels: New project?

For a while I’ve wanted a tow car. I’m the kind of person, though, who can’t drive a normal car daily. I drove my car at stock height for 3 days and nearly died of embarrassment/boredom. So driving a Falcon or Commodore daily so I can tow every now & then won’t happen. And I can’t justify full rego for a car I’ll use a handful of times a year.

So yeah. Club registered VIP Celsior tow car it is then.

Now, the most important part of any car is wheels. That counts double when you’re talking about a VIP. And right at the time I was thinking about building a Celsior, Rob was selling a set of SSR Gartmaiers.

Sadly one of them’s a bit bent, though…

This was on Andrew’s FC when it ceased to be an FC at the finish line of a hillclimb. Since it happened I’ve been banging on to Rob about getting it re-lipped. Guess I’d better do that now hey?

Sizes are 18×9 & 10 +13. They’ll fit like this:

I feel like that’ll work. Now to find a car…

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