AE86 Engine Swap: Day 2 & it’s in

A thoroughly successful weekend.

After pulling the old motor out, it was time to strip it of all its good bits and fit them to the new one. Here’s the new motor looking suspiciously like the old one, ready to drop in.

The car looking on anxiously, ready for its new heart.

It was a hell of a chore maneuvering the new motor around on the engine crane over rough ground, especially with Woodsy getting around on a half broken knee, but here it is all fitted up. Note the titanium heat wrapped headers. I love the look of the exposed cam gears, so will be grabbing a clear cover for them. I’m also going to have a go at shaving a pair of cam covers, just to see how that looks. Keen to make it look a bit individual!

It’s rough & ready, but I love how this 86’s engine room looks. Just needs the radiator hooked back up and everything filled with fluids and we can have a go at starting it! Here’s hoping this motor lasts long enough for me to build a nice little race engine for it…

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