Galant: We have colour!

So my car has colour on it, and I forgot to take my camera with me today… Instead of keeping the world waiting, I decided to bust out the phone camera and use a few PSP filters to make the shots at least half interesting.


I love this colour!!!

The insides of the doors and the inner lips of the front quarters have been done so far. Next is the door jambs and the inside of the boot and boot lip, then once that’s all dried everything gets bolted back together and the outside gets painted. My new facelift bonnet and bumper have been repaired (bonnet was hail damaged, bumper needed touch ups after being plastic welded) and are finally ready to go.

Colour has started a couple of days ahead of schedule so, fingers crossed, I should have the car back by the weekend!


Also notable – the wheels are done! And yeah, seeing as the paint pics were processed I decided to play with these too. Eh, humor me.


It can be frustrating to use, but Plasti Dip is pretty awesome. Love this finish!

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