Remember Me?: Some Silvia upgrades

Seeing as its big brother is coming home next week with a new set of matching clothes (yeah, I’m a terrible parent – it’s the automotive equivalent of dressing twins in sailor suits), I figured it was time to clean the Silvia up. I also took the opportunity to make a couple of little visual upgrades…


“Blah blah blah blah stock grilles look shit” – Chris Flecknoe


Yep, I restored the old CA18 grille from my first shell better than new and fitted it up. I also fitted my new aero mirrors with LED indicators. I sold the old manual Ganador copies to Rob a while back for his car and my car has been mirrorless for a while. They still have to be wired, but at least the car is watertight again!

I’ll try get it polished before next weekend, ready for the new arrival.

God I love this car.

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