Hardcore Taxi: Tim’s A31 Cefiro Drifter

Everyone loves an owner built car. It’s an extra bonus when it’s as hardcore as this one:

After some “unpleasantness” involving the Police and a Type X 180, Tim turned his attention to this, his A31 track car. 18 months or so later, this is the end result…

While it doesn’t show up that well in pictures, the rims are actually custom painted in olive green. They’re 17×9 +34 Drift Teks with 30mm spacers…

Continuing the owner built theme, the engine is a forged RB20 built by Tim at home in his shed.

Finish and workmanship is just top-notch throughout.

That’s the last thing the air sees before it is chopped up into tiny little bits by the TD06 copy. Note the microfibre cloth to soak up spills – classy.

The quality doesn’t let up on the interior, which is dominated by a bright purple cage and these STRI gauges.

Cefiros get angry when you poke them in the eye.

Subtlety wasn’t necessarily on the menu here… The exhaust is another part fabricated by Tim himself. The Bee*R sticker should give you some idea of the noises that come out of these 4 inch pipes.

The stance is Proper.

Expect to see the Ghetto Garage Drifters sticker at plenty of Victorian drift events in the coming months. It’ll pop up a bit more here too – I’ll be running features from time to time on this and another car, a Silvia in the build at the moment.

3 thoughts on “Hardcore Taxi: Tim’s A31 Cefiro Drifter

    1. Thanks mate.
      Got it stock about 3 years ago and did 2 winton days in it b4 it poped. Been a long build up but fingers crossed it keeps goin the way it did last weekend!

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