Project Silvia: It Never Rains, It Pours

Nothing for ages, then 2 updates in 2 days!

Today I did some work.

New headlights are in!

Threw the front guard indicators back on too. I’m not a big fan of them, but they look better than holes. And a lot better than the VT Commodore ones that were on it when I bought the car.

I also did some real work. Radiator, fan shroud, oil cooler & filter relocation stuff, intake pipe, strut brace and a bunch of little connections and stuff. Also mounted the solenoid for the Blitz Twin SBC. Evened the height at the front too. (ie more low!)

And got myself nice and filthy bolting the exhaust up. Going to have to get an extra little bend welded in when the new muffler goes on…

5 thoughts on “Project Silvia: It Never Rains, It Pours

  1. fuck yeah man head lights come up sick! still needs more low and ill buy that muffler off ya! when you wanna get rid of it?

    1. Cheers! Probs do the muffler in a few weeks dude. Let me know if you need it earlier and I’ll organise something.

  2. Wait those plates belong to skatie the 180!!!!
    I have seen those plates manny times at winton.
    That guy sure can drift.
    I bet he is a swell guy too.

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