Aww, How Romantic: A Sunset Photo

…with a Galant in front of it.

Recently I fitted up some new tyres to the car (225/40s this time instead of Commodore style 235s), and lowered it a bit more. Unfortunately this is as low as the rear will go! Does look pretty low on the road though. I also corrected the rear camber to reduce tyre wear, sharpen the handling and, most important of all, make the fitment better. I’m pretty happy with how it looks now!

Also this is a pretty photo.

Also, Silvia progress – everything aside from one skirt is now in primer. That includes the spoilers, which have been trial fitted and were pretty much perfect. Suppose that’s the difference between copies and genuine bits!

9 thoughts on “Aww, How Romantic: A Sunset Photo

    1. Lol nah still banned! Was going to get a mate to set up a new account to get the rear suspension guide but I figured out how to do it without using a guide so no need! A little birdie told me a while ago they might unban me but hasn’t happened yet. Good work on lowering yours though!

      1. Oh noes! Bah, don’t let ’em get to ya. Just drop it hard again once the defect’s cleared. Kudos on getting a VR4 down under 100mm, by the way!

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