Project Silvia: Hubs. And something cooler.

I got a box.

Y’all know how this goes. Starts off as a box…

…then an elaborately posed photo trying to look “natural”…

..then a couple of shots of new 5 stud hubs fresh from the USA…

…complete with wanky but utterly cool red wheel nuts.

Something else you’ll be interested in happened today too.

The bumper found its way onto the car. Stewart has done some beautiful fibreglass work to make the pieces that mate up to the guards look perfect. I’m seriously impressed. Not finished yet but I can see how good it’ll look. Unfortunately, though, the skirts are a bit of a trainwreck. They don’t fit. Stew is going to chop them up and re-glass them to get them right. A shame, but I know it’ll turn out good. Just going to have to spend a few more dollars than I hoped.

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