Project Silvia: Exhaust

I toyed with the idea of saying “exhausted” in the title but decided that would have been so lame that even I would have considered stopping visiting the blog after reading it…

Put together my exhaust today. Previously the exhaust had a gutted cat in it (although I never drove it like that of course, Mr Policeman), but in the interests of making it a bit more legal I bought an XForce 3 inch high flow cat off an R32. To my surprise, it fits! I also fitted up the GKTech  3 inch front pipe I bought about a hundred years ago. The old front pipe (visible in a couple of the photos) is for sale. $50 and it’s yours.

Cat-back portion of the exhaust is an RS*R with a special Garage Dusty tip. I’m thinking about replacing the muffler with a Varex to make the car a bit more driveable. As you can imagine, it is sort of loud. I’ll graft my tip on to the Varex if I get one though.

I felt so inspired today I also bought a bunch of new microfibre washing things and washed my poor old Galant! Shiny…

Silvia is off to get the kit fitted in 7 days!

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