Car Feature: Steve’s Galant VR4

While I’m possibly slightly biased, in my opinion the EC5A Galant VR4 is one of the best shapes to come out of Japan in the last 20 years.  Steve’s car takes that great factory DNA and enhances it 100%

The car is subtle – the only body modification is the lip spoiler in place of the factory one. But subtle is the only way to do a Galant.

The lip spoiler actually looks fantastic on this car. If you’re building a Galant and are considering removing the stock spoiler, don’t do it unless you have one of these to go on. They look weird otherwise.

The car’s secret (OK so it isn’t really a secret) is near perfect fitment. The wheels are from an R34 GTR and are 18×9 +30. Yep, Galants have tiny guards.

That’s tight… For some reason going for aggressive fitment on a Mitsubishi usually brings howls of derision from other Mitsubishi owners who think 17×7 +40 is right. Which is fine, because it makes the cars that do have good fitment stand out even more.

Might be time for me to step it up… I’m thinking 18×9.5 +35 with 225/40s… Maybe one day.

2 thoughts on “Car Feature: Steve’s Galant VR4

    1. Get it slammed and fitted, then bring it to JDM Showdown in Sydney whenever they decide to run it… Looking like September or October at this stage, but hopefully July! I’ll be there! Might need some spare camera batteries…

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