Garage Dusty: Straight Up Famous

OK, I’ll admit this isn’t as impressive as getting in Drift Tengoku magazine. In fact, it isn’t impressive at all. But it is probably more impressive than a painted fan shroud, and therefore post-worthy.

My Galant appeared in yesterday’s Ballarat Courier:

Yep, that guy on the bike looks like a total douche. He might be a lovely guy, for all I know, but that’s a douchey looking pose. And don’t ask me what the hell is up with that Mini… Also, please note that the erroneous quotation marks were added by the journalist, not by me!

It also appears on their website:

Hooray for me.

I’ll be away for the next 5 days or so, so it is unless I find some time to post from an internet cafe there will be no posts for a little while. There will be some good material when I get back though – my car is coming home this weekend, and I’m also visiting All Japan Day in Glenelg on Sunday so I’ll have heaps of photos from there to share.

2 thoughts on “Garage Dusty: Straight Up Famous

  1. How are you coping with all this fame and fortune man? 😛

    Pretty cool to see. You do take pride in the appearance of your car, so its nice to see your efforts have paid off *somewhat*

    Also noted that you got the biggest blurb! Guess the paper didn’t want to answer all the “WTF is that?” letters haha

    1. Thanks man! The fame got too much for me so I had to fly to Adelaide for a few days to escape the attention…

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