Project Silvia: The Shroud Of Turin

OK, I’ll openly admit that title was a blatant attempt to appeal to the Catholic vote. I hope I get thousands of hits from it.

This isn’t earth shattering by any means, but I painted my fan shroud today. It was all scratched up and awful looking so I thought I’d restore it a bit. These are the sort of things that I’d never bother doing if the car was together, but with it all in bits I figure I might as well. So here it is!

It actually came up a lot better than what I expected. I thought it’d end up with a satin finish.

Something I hate with car blogs, and especially car building blogs, is that they tend to become an exercise in showing how rich and/or obscenely talented the blogger is. “Ooo, look at the brand new thing I bought that costs more than your house”, etc. I hope Garage Dusty is different. I’m just a talentless bum trying to stretch the few dollars that I choose to spend on the car as far as I can to come out with a good outcome. I don’t work in the industry – in fact I don’t even work with my hands. I’m just learning as I go. To show you that I don’t have any fancy setup, and that I’m doing this as budget as possible, here’s a photo:

That’s my spray booth, kids. Complete with $4.86 worth of paint. If I’m honest, I’ve seen more elaborate ones in my time.

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