Project Silvia: An Update

An update without pictures unfortunately. Kind of forgot to take my camera with me. Anyway the trip to Primal went off without a hitch, and they’ve had a look and given me a quote so we’re on. Going to do a thorough job – new rail, new sheetmetal from the strut tower forward, engine bay repainted, stitch welded, etc. Should be good. Don’t have an ETA yet but am thinking something like 4 weeks. I will also have them fit my new bodykit, assuming it arrives in time.

Now I’d better get busy buying new parts, I guess!

Also dropped in on Sam at Dr Drift, who I don’t catch up with nearly enough, so that was good. Once it is back together the car will be heading to him for a retune. As will my Galant later in the year.

Although I don’t have any pictures of my car’s arrival at Primal, I do have some pictures of an awesome pink S14 Onevia from Japan. Enjoy.

In a sea of Toyotas, the Nissan always stands out…


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