Project Silvia: Bye Bye For Now

There comes a time when they grow up and leave the nest. That saying, of course, bears absolutely no relation to this situation, and I should probably go back and delete it. But no, what’s said is said, and there’s no turning back now.

Tonight my Silvia was picked up and began its trip to Primal Garage. We’ll drop it off in the morning, and then it is up to Neil & David to make it better. It’ll return in a month or so probably, and with a nice shiny straight rail.

The philosophy I’m taking is basically that this is a car I want to keep for a long time, so I want to know that what’s underneath is solid. Once I have that, I can do whatever I want to the car safe in the knowledge that I have a good base.

Anyway all that’s boring. I know why you’re here. You want to see photos of an ugly Silvia on a trailer. And I love to give the people what they want.

Note the Primal product placement. Neil, if you’re reading this, I want a discount. Even though it isn’t my trailer. Or sticker.

And off it goes. Special thanks to Chris for the loan of his trailer, Falcon and self.

Sorry about the atrocious quality, but I would have looked like a right dick if I was to call him and ask him to come back so I could take more shots.

I hope to bring you some updates on the progress of the car while it is at Primal, but I might not be able to. We’ll see. I will if I can.

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