Couldn’t resist: NSX

And anyway, what is Honda week without the best car they’ll ever build? Championship White NSX plus black TE37s equals, well, look for yourself. I make no secret of the fact that the NSX is my favourite car in the universe. I still remember the moment when I first saw one in the flesh (I would have been about 8, and it was a red one with black leather seats). I’d say that I’ll own one one day, but I know I probably won’t. So I do the next best thing – post gorgeous ones on my blog. Granted, the “next best thing” is about a million miles away from “the best thing”, but what can you do hey? Without further ado, I give you the (almost) ultimate car:

Black bits on white cars just work…

Late model headlights look sexy. As do vented bonnets.

Cool mirrors are cool.

NSXs are meant to be N/A. Pay attention.

And here’s why it is “almost” the ultimate car: the steering wheel’s on the wrong side! Tough interior though. Black & red with white accents = win. Trust me…

There will be more this week. Don’t worry.

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