Now Taking Requests: F20C AE86 & Datsun 510

So I got a request for some F20C powered cars, and I’m a pretty nice guy, and it has turned out to be Honda week on Garage Dusty, so I thought why not give Paulie what he wants?

The F20C into AE86 swap is one that has been done a few times now (most notably by Hot Staff in Japan) and it does make a hell of a lot of sense. Just look at how naturally the engine fits. Looks like it was meant to be there. It also stays true to the AE86 heritage, being a revvy N/A motor. You’d like to think that if the car was still around today Toyota would be running something like this in it. Anyway, here’s some pics of a pretty amazing backyard-built F20C AE86 from New Zealand. Enjoy!

Neat huh? And just as a little bonus feature, a 2 door 510 SSS with an F20C swap. Sacrilege or cool? I dunno, you decide.

5 thoughts on “Now Taking Requests: F20C AE86 & Datsun 510

  1. well done Tim, im impressed. ill take either of those two cars any day, id love that ae86 as a daily. but the 510 needs moar low and some lower offset rims haha

  2. I wanted to thank you for this great blog!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

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