Vicdrift Winton 19/7 Part 2: Unnecessarily Delayed

Sorry about taking approximately forever to get the next lot of pics up. I’m not exactly running on state of the art equipment here and uploading takes a fuvling long time. But better late than never or something. Whatever.

Plenty of KE70s/AE71s around now… Once these aren’t cool anymore or are all completely worn out, what’s going to be next?

Pidwell was a class above again.

This was kinda close though:

The introduction of some visitors from SA this year has really spiced things up. This 180 from Team Foolish Line was good to watch again.

This is a good shot. Crazy angle in the background there Chris…

This Silvia runs about eleventy billion degrees negative camber on the front. Love it.

Unfortunately the day didn’t really go to plan for Rob, the previous owner of my Silvia. From this:

to this:

More tomorrow. I promise.

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