Vicdrift Winton 19/7 Part 1: I See Red

OK, I have A LOT of photos to post from the weekend, so there’ll be a few Winton posts over the following week. I was in the back section for most of the day, right at the last corner, and it is about 100x better for taking pics than the front section. The photos are getting better, still have some work to do to reduce the noise though.

Thought for part 1 I’d highlight a bit of a trend… Red cars! Sure, some of them were Insane Drifters cars and they kinda have to be red, but by anyone’s measure there’s a crap load of red cars getting around now!

Looks better red than blue I reckon…

I’m a huge fan of the 180 below. It is a different style and it just works IMO.

Also a big fan of the Sil from SA. Pumps smoke…

I like this pic…

As I said, plenty of Insane Drifters cars now. Needs more Truscott though.

This pic of Nigel being chased looks cool. I think I shall dub Nigel’s car Stitchface.

The Japanese plate on Nigel’s car is a nice touch.

Unfortunately Nigel’s day ended like this. One of the biggest tyre explosions I’ve seen!

I loved this car. Looked like it had just driven in from Japan circa 1999.

Click the pictures for a bigger version. As usual, if you see a pic of your car here, and want a copy, comment me back with your email address and I’ll send it across.

3 thoughts on “Vicdrift Winton 19/7 Part 1: I See Red

    1. Thanks heaps for the photos dude.. nice blog and hope you enjoyed the show πŸ˜‰ see ya at drift attack πŸ˜€

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