Sticker Tune!: Some new purchases

I bought some new bits recently (adjustable toe rods) but the most exciting thing was the rare Japanese stickers I bought at the same time. You see, I’m not all that good at the whole mechanical thing. Sure, I like my car to go fast, but I want it to look cool just as much as I want it to be fast. OK, shoot me. Whatever.

Anyway I think my new stickers are great enough to share with the world. Not literally though. I’m sticking them on my car, so you can’t physically share them with me. Sorry.

The pink one says “Oretachi Dorift Gundam” which means, I think, “we are drift army”. The G-Corporation one seems to be a ghost pushing a Hayashi Street Fin. As ghosts often do in Japan, I believe.

That takes my collection of unstuck stickers to this point:

Plenty more to come but the little buggers are expensive…

And here’s my toe rods, by the way. They’re adjustable, blue, and have painter’s tape on them. That’s as good a rundown of the technical specs as you’re ever going to get from me. Yes, I suck.

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