World’s Craziest Z32 300ZX: Japan Buttigiri Special

Routinely spotted on forums posted by people mistaking it for a 180SX, this is surely the craziest, coolest Z32 on the planet. The amount of work that has gone into this car, with pretty much all the bodywork a one off, done by hand, just has to be seen to be believed.

Possibly the coolest thing about the car is the number of different guises it has appeared in.

Amazingly, it began life like this:

It seems to have first emerged onto the scene in modified form looking like this, already rocking epic SSRs and a heavily customised rear:

It then got hit with a coat of paint. This is probably my favourite version of the car – look at that stance in the 2nd pic with the flared guards and amazing wheels.

The car was then completely changed and painted black. This shape seems to evoke the old Porsche LeMans race cars. There don’t seem to be many pics of it in this colour – I think it was repainted fairly soon after appearing in black.

Said respray was in pearl white. The body remained the same and the graphics were replicated (although bizarrely, the NGK decal was replaced by a Champion one!).

Something doesn’t look quite right at the front (I think it is the way the front bumper comes out at the wrong angle from the bonnet), so the rear angle of the car in this shape is probably the most flattering:

The interior is dominated by the yellow roll cage and old Bride XAX (I think)

And yes, it drives!

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