More Winton: Maserati Club Winter Track Day

Another Maserati Club day, another Maserati-free event. But the increasingly inappropriately named Maserati Club track day delivered it’s usual blend of cars with plenty of fairly spectacular cars hitting the track (and one hitting the wall, although I didn’t get pics of that). Key among the interesting cars was this Evo 6 from Techsport. I could have sworn we’d taken a wrong turn just out of Benalla and ended up at Tsukuba when I saw this thing:

This was on the car’s out lap. Right after this Rob and I started giggling like schoolgirls (ugly schoolgirls, but schoolgirls all the same) after hearing the crazy whistle of the turbo.

Unfortunately that was about all we saw of the car. As you can see from the oil haze, something fairly serious went bang. From the way oil was actually running out from under the car (not dripping) I don’t think it’ll be a cheap fix.

This is what’s great about the Maserati days. Where else would you see an old full-race 911 being hunted by an R33 GTR?

One for the Japanese fanboys (OK, mainly for me). That’s a brand new M3 getting munched by a fairly mild Evo. I think the M3 might have actually been quicker on the day but it’s a cool pic…

Glenn was out again giving his RX7 a thrash. Was obviously fairly “interesting” to drive in the wet on slicks, but once the road dried up he seemed to be doing a good job.

Like any Maserati Club day, money wasn’t scarce. Brand new GT2 = what, $300k+? Was quick though.  Shame there were no R35s to give it a scare.

One of my favourite cars was this R33. I might do a little feature on it in future, I already have too many pics in this post…

I’ll finish with a couple of Porsches.

More Winton in a day or 2.

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