Part 1: VicDrift Winton 20/6

Now, it was the first event with my camera and I didn’t have a media pass, so the photography and the angles aren’t perfect. But they are OK.

The day started off weird. Aaahhh, the Western Suburbs….

Nathan did a great job in his first track outing with the new car (although he should be used to first track outings with new cars, the way he goes through them…)

To continue the R32 theme, a couple of 4 doors were putting on a decent show as well. Gotta love the garden edging front lip on the black car from Night Reign.

Luke Fink was out in his new AE86, but, unsurprisingly for an 86, broke an axle early in the day.

As usual, black cars dominated… I’d hate to have seen Nissan’s black paint bill in the early 90s. Unfortunately the Silvia sustained some damage to the rear quarter later in the day.

Neil from Primal Garage had his daily driver at the track after engine problems kept the track car at home. Thankfully his daily is aesthetically perfect…

More tomorrow. Also stay tuned for coverage of the Maserati club day, including the toughest looking Evo in Australia.

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