More New Brian Fallon

The man is a genius. I want to be him. If I can’t be him, then maybe just stand next to him for a bit. Or wear his hat for a while. Or just touch his hat. Or look at a picture of it.

Whatever. The point is that he’s the most amazing songwriter I’ve heard for years. So listen. Then listen and listen and listen more. And in time, feel how his music starts to change everything.

You’ll understand after a while.

Cats are runnin crazy Mona Lisa
They try to set my future in stone
They say they make all the right calls
To all the right numbers that the fat cats know
But these wheels aren’t meant for burning
And these wings weren’t meant to last
In the end it’s all fireworks and smoke rings, a treacherous road baby try not to crash
And keep your singing voice golden
And keep your red shoes on
I just wanna sing rock and roll
And buy my baby something nice to take home


Sweet hat.

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