Adelaide Trip Retrospective

The end of my first week of work – what better time to have a little pictorial retrospective of my Adelaide trip? I’m going to have a play with some of the more “interesting” photos I took, and if they turn out good I’ll post them later, but here’s some now.

Here’s where I stayed. It was the best place ever.

Here’s what I ate the first night I was there, after Soundwave. It was 15 inches in diameter. I want to go back and have another one. Now.

Security in Adelaide isn’t quite what it could be. This is the gate to the court where the Adelaide International Tennis Tournament is held.

So, as anyone would do, I walked in. Would have been a pretty awesome experience if I thought Tennis was anything other than an advertisment for suicide.

The Adelaide Oval is not unimpressive to look at…

Nice sunset over it too.

Apparently they have some churches there or something.

Global Economic Crisis in effect. QNTAS has had to lay off an A.

The Wheelworx 2JZ S15. Rather nice really. CST Zero-1 Hypers are awesome.

Business must be goot at Wheelworx. They’re 28″s. With Pirelli P-Zeros. I’ve had cars worth less than even one of those tyres.

And finally, a not unimpressive shot of Adelaide at sunset.

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