Nostalgia. Silvia & Celsior.

Driving home from the (disatrous) basketball game on Sunday night I was hit by a sense of nostalgia. It would have been a combination of the fact that the game was depressing and the fact I was driving at night, which I rarely get to do these days.

These 2 cars probably coincided with the best time of my life. It was (probably inevitably, to be honest) followed by the worst time of my life, but yeah, was fun while it lasted. It was a combination of good friends, a time when it wasn’t impossible to drive nice cars without the Police trying to shoot you, a stack of new experiences and the girl of my dreams. The thing I remember most about that time was being able to drive around town at night in the Celsior or the Silvia and feel bulletproof – like nothing in the world could stop me. Like everything was just “right”. That feeling has been taken away from us recently by the Police and other things, but back then life was good. I doubt I’ll ever feel like that again, sadly.

So to the cars. This was my Silvia. These pics were taken a little while before the time I was talking about, and the car ended up with a Vertex rear bar and a Nismo grille as well. But this was largely how it looked. It had a CA18DET with about 180rwkw. I loved this car to death – literally. It has recently been resurrected by a new owner and lives again, which I’m over the moon about.

It almost makes my cry thinking about it.

The other car, which coincided more directly with this time (I bought it just before and sold it shortly after) was my Celsior. I imported the car myself from Japan under the 15 year rule. Aside from the auto, the car was perfect. Looked amazing, comfortable to drive, fun features (especially once we installed the 3 TVs and the Xbox) and handled amazingly. I’ll never forget the Friday night after I got the car registered, cruising into the (then) popular hangout and having a crowd of people instantly descend on the car. I think the first comment I got was “what is this beast?”. God damn they were good times. Almost impossible to put into words…

Custom VIP grille, clear indicators, 19″ Work Rezax, TVs, and about a thousand memories.

Oh well, time moves on I guess.

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