Garage Dusty – Succeeding at cars (with help) since about an hour ago

After some sage advice from happymatch on ozvr4 I decided to have another crack at my speakers. Lo and behold, they work! They need some tuning and fiddling (I might even run them off an amp I have lying around if I get really adventurous) but for now I’m very happy with them. Now I won’t have to feel like I’m going deaf in my right ear due to only having 3 speakers in the car.

This is how it looked when I pulled everything apart. Note the horrible sikaflex holding the plastic on the door, and the lovely cable ties (later discarded) holding the crossover in place.

When I work, I don’t work neat…

I thought about hiding the wiring like this, but then worked out an even better way – stuffing about 6 metres worth of wires into the door. I couldn’t be bothered cutting and soldering. And yes, removing the gay chrome strips is high on the list.

See – neat as a pin. I don’t actually know how neat pins are, but real estate agents say that and they’re rich so they must be ever so wise. Note the cool kevlar speakers (I don’t know if that makes them good, but it sounds cool) and the use of kwik grip to glue the crossover to the door.

And there we go – looks like a bought one. If you ignore the fact that I had to tape the tweeter to the outside of the stock enclosure because it is too big.

And rest assured it was done in true Garage Dusty fashion – cable ties galore, 2 screws where 4 were required, etc. But hey, it works.

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